Nuru is PowerofFalling's Lionsona.





Light (swahili)






Pridelanders (currently), Outsiders (formerly)

Close relations

Msanii (mate)

Chumvi (friend)

Kion (friend)

Kiara (friend)

Tiifu (friend)



Nuru wasn't born in the Pridelands, but somewhere in the outlands. He didn't have a good childhood. His pride was being terrorized by its leader, so he decided to flee from his former pride. He was found unconscious at the age of two years by the Lion Guard. He grew up with the rest of pride lander lion cubs and his outsider traits have vanished. Currently, as a young adult, Nuru is still living close to the pride rock with his mate, Msanii.


Trough his childhood, Nuru has always been a bit cheeky, mischievous and adventurous.

He often tried to befriend anyone, even if it meant danger to him. Even though his adventurous and stubborn nature, he has always been careful, so he didn't get to hurt himself very often. As he was growing up, his stubborn nature started to fade very slowly, and he has become smarter. He always tried to have lots of friends, even though other lions found him and his smartness useless. 

As a young adult (nowadays), he is friendly, kind and he loves to help other lions, even if it means hard work. He is smart, which often leads to him solving the issues other lions stumble upon. However, his personality often makes him hard to understand. Some lions find him boring. Fortunately, he rarely get's angry, but when that happens, other lions always fold their ears. He can also be a bit bossy, but he always wants the best for him and his closest friends. 


Nuru has yellow fur and darker belly. His paws are creamy-yellow. He also has dark emerald green eyes with light green spots. As he got older, he started to form a fluffy, brown mane, which matches the color of his tail tuft. He has a Pridelander nose, but a Outlander kind of outlook. His ears have a darker color than the fur on the rest of his body. Nuru's bodysize is average and he is not well-muscled.


Nuru doesn't have many friends, but the ones he befriends are always his close friends. His friends are Chumvi, Kion, Kiara and Tiifu. He randomly went across a teen lioness named Msanii, who has become his mate. 


Nuru's family is unknown, as he fled his former pride, when he was a cub. He doesn't remember anything that happened before his rescue in the pride lands.


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