Nuka looked at Dotty then looked around. It was a cold night in the Outlands, Zira woke up and looked at Nuka. " Nuka. Since your betrayful brother joined the Pridelands, you are now the king! " Nuka was excited. He was jumping up and down. " Nuka! Stop it. This is not the time to be foolish! " Zira growled. " Vitani's joined the Pridelands, so me and a lion named Banji, gave birth to a beautiful daughter. " Zira woke her daughter up to tell her that she is the queen. " My little Sahndi, It's time to wake up. " The young baby cub looked at Zira. " Mama. hungry " Zira was impressed. " Of course! We have no food or water to have! We have nothing! Nothing at all! " Sahndid was upset, crying " Hush, my darling, " Zira said calmly, singing the same lullaby that she sung to Kovu, " You are my queen, " She listened to Zira, not making a sound.

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