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Strength of Heart
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Nono is a male Cape hare and a member of Sikiza's drove.


Nono's rotund, plump body is entirely covered in thick, dirty gray fur. His round belly is a grizzled tan, fading to snowy white as it nears his flabby haunches. Though he has a rather long head, his muzzle is stubby and small. His broad nose is warm brown, while much of the fur surrounding it is pale tawny. Many long white whiskers sprout from it. A short white streak trails from the bottom of his nose to his lower jaw, where the hair pales. Two other white lines stretch from each of his light blue eyes to his muzzle. His long, thick ears are dusty pink, and his stumpy tail is black with a white underside. He has wide paws with short, blunt claws the color of stone.


Like most members of the hare drove, Nono is fearful and cowardly, always trying to play it safe and avoiding risking his neck. He tends to take up the less dangerous missions, choosing to briefly pop out of his hole to check on some grazing animals rather than keeping an eye on the Cape dog pack. He is always honest when reporting to the Moyo Hodari Pride, as he has heard a (false) rumor that they can read the minds of the hares. He is quite superstitious and easily deceived. He is sickened by the sight of blood, and stays well away when another hare has been injured. He is a little shy and antisocial, but he will occasionally interact with other members of his drove.


Early Life

Nono was born and raised in the drove.

Strength of Heart

Coming soon

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