Shaman Apprentice of Pride Rock, Grandniece of Simba and Nala
Nita is the daughter of Vitani and Kora.


Nita is long-bodied and lithe with strong limbs and a groomed pelt. Her fur is tawny-brown, while her muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all paler in color. Her eyes are brown, a trait inherited from her father, and paternal grandmother. Her nose is also dark, and her ears are rimmed with brown.


Nita inherits Kiara's curiosity, and has gotten into trouble for wandering off.

She is also very headstrong, and she possesses a strong desire for independence and self-sufficiency.

Nita is a good-hearted cub, easily excitable and open to meeting new friends.

She possesses a remarkable knack for healing, and enjoys helping others and making them feel better

Her memory for herbs is outstanding, and her compassion shines in every word and every look..

Nita is also frequently described as sensible and well-behaved, most likely as a result of her interactions with both Midnight and Rafiki, and her duties to the Pridelanders.

She can show her sympathies openly, and this is often taken as a sign of her honesty. 

She proves herself to be trustworthy and is skilled at keeping promises she makes to her loved ones.


Mother: Vitani

Father: Kora

Sister: Marigold

Paternal Grandmother: Kata

Paternal Aunt: Maya

Grandaunt: Nala

Granduncle: Simba

Maternal Uncle: Kovu

Maternal Aunt:  Kiara

Cousins: Belee and Denahi

Great-Grandmothers: Sarafina and Sarabi

Great-Great-Grandparents: Ahadi and Uru

Great-Grandfather: Mufasa

Maternal Grandfather: Atka

Maternal Grandmother: Zira

Maternal Half-Uncle: Nuka

Maternal Great-Grandmother: Dara


  • Her best friends are Bele and Kia.
  • Nita desperately wants to make her loved ones proud of her.
  • She has a knack for organizing herbs.
  • Simba and Nala often refer to her as their granddaughter.
  • Nita loves and looks up to Vitani's childhood friend, Pula.
  • Nita became Rafiki's apprentice a month after Mari's birth.
  • She takes her role as Marigold's older sister very seriously.
  • Like her cousins, Nita longs to know more about Mohatu and Shari
  • She enjoys spending time with Naanda, Dwala, and Diku.
  • She named Marigold after one of her favorite herbs.
  • She enjoys spending time with, and learning from Midnight.
  • Her name was Mari's first word.
  • She can sense the tension created by Kata and Maya.
  • Her first word was Simba's granduncle title.
  • She has a fear of snakes.
  • Nita doesn't fully understand the gravity of Kata and Maya's hatred for Vitani.
  • Her non-lion best friend is Kwato.
  • Nita has declined Nala's offer to teach her how to hunt.
  • She has declined Naanda's offer to be taught fighting techniques.
  • She and Mari are the only female cubs in the pride that still refer to their father as Daddy.
  • She refers to Simba and Nala as Nana and Papa.
  • Nita bears a stronger resemblance to Kora then she does to her mother.
  • She harbors affection for Clea's mother, Bemba.

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