(Before anyone rips off my head, I do know cheetah and lions cannot breed, but, this is just fan-fiction, why not break the laws of nature? :'3)

Ngozi is a fan-made character created by daliArts20. She is Kion's and Fuli's daughter, and thus Simba's and Nala's granddaughter, and Kiara's and Kopa's niece.

Physical features

She has some traits from her mother, Fuli. Such as the very common black tears cheetahs have, and spots, but she also has the golden fur from her father, mixed with Nala's creamy pelt, gave her a tan colour. In fact, she looks a lot like her paternal grandmother. Her eyes are dark blue, and she also has a "mane" that all cheetah cubs have.


She is a bit anxious, but has a good personality. She is always willing to help everyone, and has a great heart. She likes to show off her skills, and loves living the hybrid life.



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