Younger brother
Sable antelope
Close Relations
A Friendly Lion
Ndugu is a male sable antelope calf.


Small and thin, Ndugu is very light for a sable antelope. His legs are long and knobbly, and he has narrow shoulders. His coat is a sandy red color, his underbelly and muzzle being white. A line of thick, slightly darker ginger-brown fur stands up along his neck and back, the start of a mane. He has a short, thick tail and a small black nose. His ears are long and pointy, and he has tiny black eyes set very deep into his face. His features are all soft and round. Small, thin spikes sprout from between his ears; horns that are not yet fully developed.


Ndugu is a careless and relaxed animal. He obeys his parents, but does not share their worries about survival. He does not take risks, but takes no particular precautions other than staying with his herd. He believes that herd life is all he needs to keep himself safe. His closest friend is his brother, Tim'ka, who he looks up to and admires. Ndugu is also very honest, always offering the full, unvarnished truth, free of sugarcoating.


When Ndugu was a calf, he witnessed his twin sister younger sister being killed by predators. It frightened him, but the memory slowly faded from his mind. However, it continued to trouble his parents, who eventually decided to move away from their home in the Pride Lands. After a tiring journey, they made it over the Poromoko Cliffs and into the Drylands. Here, the family grew up and formed a new herd. However, Ndugu was one day separated from his herd when they all took a walk to the Mkondo River. He did not realize it when the others left, and he was attacked and killed by Badilifu, Kimeta, and Imara.