Namani the Lioness is a upcoming fan-fiction written by ~MelCaines, Bc95-arts, XxAshaxX, and WhiteIvy23 (she's not on this Wiki) and other users (which names I won't tell).


(come on, you really think we're gonna tell you? xD)

Coming soon...


Namani: Of course, the main protagonist. She is the mother of Kenya, Shani and Kali, Ni's and Nama's daughter, Mirembe's niece, Kamaria's half-sister and cousin and Sefu's mate.
Kenya: Kenya is Namani's and Sefu's eldest daughter, Kali's half-sister and full sister of Shani, and Leo's mate. She's also Ni's and Nama's granddaughter.
Shani: Shani is Namani's and Sefu's youngest daughter, and Kenya's twin, and Kali's half-sister. She is also Asani's mate, and Ni's and Nama's granddaughter.
Ni: Ni is the main antagonist. He is Namani's father and the leader of the pride. He killed Nama and is later killed by some hunters.
Sefu: Sefu is Namani's mate and Kenya's and Shani's father and Kali's step-father. At first, he is nearly killed by a crocodile, but is later cared by a family of elephants.
Nama: Nama is Namani's mother and Sefu's main mate. She is Mirembe's and Pao's sister and Kamaria's and Minkah's aunt. She is killed by Ni while trying to save her daughter.
Leo: Leo is Kenya's love interest and mate. He is Moyo's and Hatma's son and Asani's half-brother and the betrothed of Imara. He later falls in love with Kenya.
Asani: Asani is also Shani's love interest and eventual mate. He is the son of Moyo and an unknown lioness (name will later be said). He is also Leo's half-brother.
Imara: Imara is the betrothal of Leo. She is also an enemy of Kenya, as both like Leo. She later dies, killing herself.
Mirembe: Mirembe is Namani's aunt and adoptive mother. She is Nama's and Pao's sister. She's also one of Ni's mates and Pao's sister. She's Kamaria's mother.

More characters coming soon.

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