Namani the titular protagonist of Namani the Lioness. She is one of Simba's friends, after he becomes the true king. She is the mate of Sefu and the mother of their cubs, Kenya, Shani and Tasha, (althought Tasha is not Sefu's daughter).


Namani has a creamy-gold fur, (mostly like Nala's) and red eyes, her nose is brown and her paws are not colored. She has a really large body, which is because her hunting skills.


Little is known about Namani's personality as a cub, except that she was really timid and didn't talked at all. As a young adult, she is sharp-tounged, stubborn and mature. When she becomes a mother, she's mature, wise and fierce when danger is on presence.


Namani had a very traumatic life. When she was just an infant, her father attacked her mother for giving him only female cubs, (the other, two, who were males, died by hyenas). Her mother died. and Namani was raised by his father, who never payed attention to her. When she was a young adult, her father exiled because she didn't wanted to become his queen, due to his mental illness. In her way, she gave birth to a cub, which name was Tasha, but, a buffalo attacked Tasha and Namani couldn't save her in time. Months pass, and Namani meets Sefu, a young lion who had just left his pride to begin his own pride. They fall in love, but again, something tragic happens to Sefu, he's attacked by crocodiles. Namani gives birth to two cubs, Kenya and Shani. She raises them to adults, and later founds out that Sefu and her daughter Tasha are alive, she later lives a happy life with her family.

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