Moyo Hodari Pride
Hadithi Ya Hodari
"Pridemates, there is no way to compensate for the loss we have sustained, but one thing we cannot do is try and kill this buffalo. He is too dangerous. I propose that next time, we bring the males along with us."
Mwandani, "Pursuit"

Mwandani is a lioness and a member of the Moyo Hodari Pride


Due to her many years of hunting, Mwandani is a strong and wiry huntress. However, her age has made her movements slightly slower and less smooth. She is sleek and lithe, but her frame is slightly smaller than most. She has very pale grayish-red fur, glossy but very thin, with a paler, duller hue present on her underbelly, muzzle, and paws. She has tough red-brown paw pads. Her eyes are dark honey gold, with small pupils. Her shoulders are narrow with a relatively small space between them. She has a smattering of brown flecks across her muzzle, and her inner ears are dull pink.


A steadfast companion and loyal friend, Mwandani is a reliable ally who will remain by her pridemates' sides no matter what. She is a relatively skilled huntress who remains focused and calm during hunts. However, she is unwilling to take risks or undergo change, preferring a routine system. She will occasionally voice this opinion, but rarely does so with any real conviction. Some pride members consider her to be something of a coward due to her tendency to turn away from a challenge, but she does not mind this so long as she continues to contribute to the pride by hunting. She likes cubs, but has never been able to find a mate.


Hadithi Ya Hodari


Mwandani participates in a hunt intended to kill a ferocious Cape buffalo. When Uzoefu is thrown and wounded by the buffalo, Mwandani rushes to her side. When the buffalo begins to charge towards them, however, Mwandani abandons the body, shoving Badilifu out of harm's way. As she is the most experienced hunter, the pride turns to her for their next move. She feels that they should not continue to hunt the buffalo, but Badilifu ignores her and slips away. Mwandani and the others soon catch up to the young lioness, who cuts off Mwandani's attempt at reassurance. The pride chooses to attack the buffalo again, with Mwandani tearing at his flanks. This time, they are successful.

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