Gheiri Pride
Hadithi Ya Hodari
Close Relations
Jasho(brother) Mavu(son)
A Friendly Lion
Muwa is a lioness and a member of the Gheiri Pride.


Despite her soft and motherly look, Muwa's satiny fur sheathes firm muscles and heavy limbs. She has an oddly wide and cumbersome build for a lioness of her pride, with rippling muscles, large, hefty paws, and lengthy legs that give her the ability to run more quickly than the rest of the group. Her long body carries more fat than those of her pride members, but this touch of softness does very little to affect her strength and swiftness. She has broad, diamond-shaped head from which her wide, tawny-rimmed ears project. Her short fur is a light creamy brown color, with a stroke of darker fur extending along the top of her head and paler areas on her paws, muzzle, and underbelly. Her bright lily green eyes are large and slanted, with thick black eyebrows located above them. Her muzzle is diamond-shaped like her head, with a large lower jaw and a low-set pale pink nose. The tuft at the end of her tail is a rich yellowish gold.


Muwa is a strong-hearted lioness who respects her brother and ruler, Jasho. She is very fond and proud of him and, for this reason, never questions him. She acts fierce, but this hides a sweeter side of her that would rather offer assurance and help those who need it. She loves playing with cubs and watching them learn the simple basics of pride life. She has a tendency to frequently correct mistakes that she observes. Though usually honest, she would lie for her family if it was best for them. Muwa is an avid hunter and likes to be the one to finish the job by delivering the killing bite.


Early Life

As a cub, Muwa watched over Jasho as big sisters are expected to do. She supported him and helped him rise to the position of ruler.

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