Name Mtumishi
Meaning Servant
Gender Male


Desired Voice Actors Nathan Lane

The Lion King
The Hyena Life

Close Relations

Friend of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

Mtumishi Haralt Benjamin is a male hyena and former henchman of Scar. He is a member of the hyena clan along with Shenzi, Banzai, Ed and various others.


Mtumishi is a pale hyena with pale underbelly and yellow eyes. His ears, eyebrows and paws are black and his back is spotted with light brown spots. Mtumishi is one of the only paleish hyenas in the clan.



The Lion King

He only makes a visual appearance being awoke by Timon and Pumbaa who are creating a distraction singing a hula song.

The Hyena Life

Mtumishi will be appear in the upcoming fanfiction created by Disney14ph12, along with the rest of the hyena clan. He will have a much more importent role and will be one of the main characters.

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