Msanii Is Tama The Curious Lionsona 

Obviously lighter then Tama's fur


As a cub, She wasn't treated very equally because of her personality. All of her brothers and Sisters basically had the same personality as the other. Msanii eventually got sick of their bullying and ran away to the pridelands where she found the Janja and his clan, only to be rescued by The Second Lion Guard. She was taken in by Aina for a bit until she was healthy enough. When she was, she explored her new place. She finds out Tama is her cousin.


She looks extremely similar to Tama, due to them being cousins except she has lighter skin and light brown eyes, when Tama has dark brown. She also has the same hair tuft on her head just much lighter brown.


Despite her siblings boring,dumb nature, She is very intelligent, smart and witty on the outside to impress adults. On the inside around her friends, she is playful, has a thirst adventure and just plain silly! She tends to be immature around her TRUE friends and likes to make them laugh. Around Bad Guys, She tends to attack first and ask questions later. She can be quite adorable sometimes though. She loves to draw, sing and dance. Around her mate Nuru she is very random, and awkward and funny. She can get jealous easily though.


(Working On It)


Nuru- She likes to be herself around him random and awkward, and would likely do anything for him.

Tama- Since Tama is her cousi, She likes to prank her very often. But she is also very sisterly towards her, because Tama has no family left, and gives her advice about things.

Mwizi: She and him get along perfectl, trying to prank Tama..

Aina-She really likes Aina's kindness and thanks her every day from nursing her back to healt.


  1. She HATES tight spaces
  2. She absolutely hates snakes
  3. She doesn't like making people feel bad
  4. She doesn't like insects
  5. She hates when she messes up on paintings and will go into a full blown rage. (That's what I do XD)
  6. She doesn't like to do the same things everyday because things get boring

Fun Facts

  • She is based of meh XD
  • I decided to make her because of an rp Ultimate, Power and I were doing
  • Chumvi has a OC named the same name.

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