Mody the Meerkat (2nd look)
Name Mody
Meaning Fashionable
Species Meerkat

The Jungle Oasis (his home)

Mody and Dacey's Cave (his house)

Close Relations

Brother of Dacey, and son of Monzo and Della.

"Timon, it's you! I haven't see you for years!"

Mody the Meerkat (or Mody for a short) is a fan-made character by MarioFan65. He is a meerkat who is the brother of Dacey and also a member from Timon's Meerkat Colony. He is also the son of Monzo and Della. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

Appearances in Fanfictions

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Mody is a meerkat hunter that likes to hunt grubs. With his brother, he digs a lot in his meerkat colony but at the same time, they fight against hyenas and hit them to get away.


Mody is a brown meerkat, with dark brown stripes, a cream chest, light blue eyes, and a brown patch of hair on his head.

He is much similar to his brother and Timon.


  • He likes to eat grubs and fruit.
  • He hates hyenas.
  • His look resembles Brokebeak's feathers from the movie Happy Feet Two.
  • He loves to dig with his brother but he and his brother doesn't like Timon making a skylight which makes the whole tunnel  collapse.
  • This is MarioFan65's second fanon character to be voiced by James Arnold Taylor, the first was Terry the Penguin from the Happy Feet Fanon Wiki.
  • He lives in his cave home with Dacey.
  • He likes to hunt for food.