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Title Mody and Dacey's Tickle Frenzy
Creator MarioFan65
Main Character Mody and Dacey
Other Characters Timon and Pumbaa

Mody and Dacey's Tickle Frenzy is an fan-fiction written by MarioFan65. It is a sequel to Timon's Jungle Tickle Torment.



(In Mody and Dacey's Cave Home)

  • Mody: *yawns* Good morning Dacey.
  • Dacey: Oh hi there Mody.
  • Mody: Brother, can we start out our tickle plan?
  • Dacey: Only if we can tickle Timon. That will be good.
  • Mody: Yeah, good times.
  • Dacey: Then, let's go.

(In Hakuna Forest)

  • Timon: Hakuna Matata, it's what life is.
  • Pumbaa: And the grubs taste good.
  • Timon: That would be part of childhood my best friend Pumbaa.
  • Pumbaa: It's good to hunt down bugs.
  • Timon: Even grubs too.

(In the bush)

  • Mody: It's on Dacey.
  • Dacey: Let's go.

(Back with Timon and Pumbaa)

  • Timon: So, it's-
  • Mody: Mody.
  • Dacey: And Dacey.
  • Timon: Woah, you guys too?
  • Pumbaa: Maybe, it's a party.
  • Mody: I would like to get a tickle torment with Dacey?
  • Timon: Um........ No thank you please.
  • Mody: Get him.

(Dacey chases after Timon)

  • Pumbaa: Hey, wait for me.

(They jump between the logs and also the birds flying away)

  • Timon: You got me!
  • Mody: You asked for it.
  • Timon: Oh no, i'm not doing it again than last time.
  • Mody: This time, i will tickle you.
  • Dacey: You know everything from running away.
  • Timon: No, i don't want to get tickled.
  • Dacey: I bet you do.
  • Mody: I hope you had everything since last time.
  • Timon: What is now?
  • Mody: You know everything from me.
  • Timon: Tell me about it.
  • Mody: Can we use the tickle torture please?
  • Timon: Oh no, this is getting crazy over there.
  • Pumbaa: Hello boys.
  • Mody: Well, hello Pumbaa.
  • Dacey: How it's going?
  • Pumbaa: Pretty fine.
  • Timon: Maybe you can give one a bit.
  • Mody: We'll see.

(Meanwhile in a cave)

  • Pumbaa: What is that?
  • Timon: I don't know.
  • Mody: This is our private spot.
  • Timon: A cave, yeah.
  • Pumbaa: So, what can we do?
  • Mody: Start a tickle torment.
  • Timon: Wait a minute. Did we done this before?
  • Mody: Yeah.
  • Dacey: So it's again?
  • Mody: Yeah.
  • Timon: Now, this is getting crazy.

(The tickle torture was setted up by the leafs)

  • Mody: I can't wait to do this.
  • Dacey: This will be so fun.
  • Pumbaa: So cool.

(The tickle torture is all up set in the rock)

  • Timon: Wow.
  • Mody: Awazing.
  • Dacey: Now you try it on.
  • Timon: Okay.

(Timon was getting tickled by the leafs)

  • Timon: Hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha.

(The sticks were also tickling him)

  • Timon: Hahhhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  • Mody: Very funny.

(Last, more leafs were tickling Timon)

  • Timon: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  • Mody: Now, it's my turn.
  • Timon: Okay, you're on.

(Mody get a tickle torture with many leafs tickling him)

  • Mody: Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha.

(Tree branches are tickling him too)

  • Timon: Now, this tickle thing is a revenge.
  • Mody: Hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dacey: Now, i'm next.
  • Mody: Go ahead.

(Dacey get tickled with Mody)

  • Dacey: Hahahahahhahhahahhhhahhaha.
  • Timon: Now, this is great.

(Mody and Dacey are getting tickled by a torture of leafs)

  • Pumbaa: Ooh.
  • Timon: Kinda crazy to hear that when i was a kid.
  • Pumbaa: Yeah.
  • Mody: You known that?
  • Dacey: I believe so.

(The two meerkat brothers are getting tickled)

  • Mody: Hahahahhahahahahahahahaha.
  • Dacey: Hahahahahahhahahhaha.

(At last, their ticking thing will never stop)

  • Mody: I LOVE IT!
  • Dacey: Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaha.

(Their tickle torment has stopped)

  • Mody: That was fun.
  • Dacey: It was awazing.
  • Timon: That was the best thing i heard about.
  • Pumbaa: It's with tickling.
  • Mody: You bet that you want to be tickled again?

(Everyone laughed)