Lappet-faced vulture
A Friendly Lion
Mlafi is a female lappet-faced vulture and a Drylander.


Mlafi is a very strong and powerful bird. Her body is thick and well-muscled, especially in the areas around her wings, with are extremely long and broad. In contrast, her head is somewhat small and narrow, though from the back to the tip of her beak, it is fairly lengthy. Her neck is long and usually held very low and in a curved position. Mlafi's feathers are black, with hints of deep brown visible in certain lighting. Her thighs are covered with thick, fuzzy white feathers, and a splash of white is present on her breast and neck, mingled with deep brown-black. More white feathers line the tops of the undersides of her wings. She sports the typical featherless head of a vulture, revealing her rosy red skin. Her eyes are a dark blue gray.

Her voice is grating and slightly reedy.


Mlafi is a greedy and gluttonous vulture. She is often the first vulture to arrive at the scene of a kill, will fight quite ferociously to protect her portion of the carcass. She always eats more than she needs, never sharing or stopping until there is nothing left. She is very harsh and crass, never showing pity or mercy. She is scornful and mocking towards other animals, and frequently makes jokes that are crude or in poor taste. She is quick to accuse and jump to conclusions. An impolite and discourteous vulture, she is very loud and unmannerly, and bullies those who treat others kindly. However, despite her crudity, she keeps herself very clean, always washing her head and neck after a meal and straightening her feathers. She has no respect for Maisha Urari, but does her part in it without really paying attention to it.

Though she is primarily a scavenger, on rare occasions she will hunt for herself. However, her favorite food is flamingo, and she avoids most everything else.


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