"The Mkondo River is the life of our pride. Without it, we would have to search to lands long and hard for a meal or a swallow of water."
The First King

Mkondo River is a river located near the center of the Drylands. It is the gathering place of many animals due to the freshness of the water and the lush vegetation that grows nearby and serves as food for plant-eating animals. Because of this, the Moyo Hodari Pride usually centers its hunts in the general area of the river.


The Mkondo River is a broad, fast-flowing river. The current is surprisingly strong for a river of its shallow depth, which deepens only slightly in the middle. The water is exceptionally clear, by far the cleanest water source in the area. The river bottom is composed of a layer of smooth, eroded rocks, most of which are dark blue-gray in color. Beneath the rocks lies a layer of dark mud. There is very little shore to speak of, only thin strips of pebbly grayish sand on either side of the body of water. Just past the shore, the grass is long, thick, and green, growing out of the dark mud.


The river is inhabited by several species of fish, including the African butter catfish, the East African red-finned barb, and the Usangu lampeye.

The land around the river is populated by many species of herbivorous animals such as zebras, impalas, and oribi. Most animals visit the river every once in a while to drink. The Moyo Hodari Pride occasionally arrives to hunt or take a drink of water, but they never linger.


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  • Mkondo means 'flow' in Swahili.