Blaze, shine
Close Relations
Magharibi(mate) Lubaya(daughter) Kimbilia(son)
A Friendly Lion

Miwako is a lion.


Miwako is a well-proportioned lion of average size but striking coloration. His dense, sheeny fur is a dark reddish ginger color, his underbelly, muzzle, and paws being a light yellow-orange. His mane is a ruddy red-brown hue, as is the sleek tuft at the end of his tail. His nose is a dark red color with a brown tint, and he has thick reddish black whiskers. He is fairly sinewy, fit and toned, with strong jaws and powerful shoulder muscles. He is very agile and quick on his paws, able to dodge attackers with ease. His muzzle is wide and square, with a large nose and a very slight overbite. His muscular neck is long and flexible, though entirely hidden by his mane. He has round eyes that are bright saffron yellow in color, and his tail is rather long and thin. His ears are rather small, straight along the top, and usually held upright. His mane is medium-length, reaching the area between his forelegs before tapering. The fur is noticeably shorter around his face, and it forms a smooth triangular shape below his chin. Tufts of fur, the same color as his mane, also create semi-circles on his forelimbs at the top joint. His nimble paws have wide digits, at at the tip of each toe is a sharp silver-gray claw. He also bears several scars: a slash below his left eye, a diagonal cut across the bridge of his muzzle that intersects with four thin swipe marks just above his nose, a collection of gashes above his left ankle, two small scrapes near his left paw, and bite marks along his tail.


Miwako is a compassionate lion with the best interests of others at heart. He loves to have fun, but can be responsible when he needs to. He respects authority figures, such as the leaders of herds and prides, and will never fail to treat them with courtesy. Sensitive to the feelings of others, it is said by his friends that he seems to always knows what to say. An active lion, Miwako has a lot of excess energy, and enjoys physical activities such as racing and swimming. He also loves to travel and see the explore around him. He displays a nurturing, fatherly side with young animals, and loves to be around them. He is somewhat irritated by the fact that, as a lion, he is viewed as fearsome and predatory, when in reality it is different for every lion. Though he will hunt to sustain himself, he tends to avoid targeting the youthful, even if they are easy targets. He is somewhat of a coward, staying out of fights even if the best thing to do would be step in between. Being as freethinking as he is, he can be ignorant about pride life and laws.


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