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Mirembe is a character from the fan-fiction, Namani the Lioness. She is Namani's aunt, Kamaria's mother, and Nama's sister. She later becomes Namani's adoptive mother after she adopts her after Ni kills Nama.


Mirembe has a creamy-gold fur like Namani's, and orange eyes. She has earrims and her paws are not colored, her muzzle and underbelly are like Nala's. Her tail tuft is brown. She is a very big lioness, which makes her a perfect hunter.


Mirembe is motherly, caring and loving. She is very protective over Kamaria and Namani, and it is known that she is very brave. She is a bit of the "leader" after Nama died. Mirembe always makes sure that everything is okay.


Mirembe was Nama's twin sister. It is known that she had a daughter with Ni named Kamaria. After Ni kills Nama, she stops Ni killing a newborn Namani and saves her and raises her as her own. She later sends Namani to find help.

Years later, she is indeed very sick because of the famine that was procoved by Ni. She later thanks Namani for saving them from Ni's terrible reign.

It is unknown what happens to her later.

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