Milani is a fictional character created by ~MelCaines. She is Fuli's bestfriend and mother of her unnamed cubs. She is known to dislike Zuri and Tiifu. She's a cheetah


Like all cheetahs, Milani has the typical iconic tears on her eyes. Her body is yellowish-gold and she spots on it. Her eyes are green like Fuli's, but lighter.


As a cub, Milani is known to show off her running skills, aswell to tease Tiifu and Zuri, as she dislikes them. She's sassy, spunky and stubborn, but also has a good heart, as she is seen rescuing Zuri althought she doesn't like her. As an adult, Milani is still stubborn and spunky, but has matured with the time.


When she was just a newborn, a group of hyenas attacked her sisters and brothers and also her mother, leaving them death. After some days, when Nala had just given birth to Kiara & Kion, she alerted Simba about the cub and taked it under their wing. She later befriends Fuli and The Lion Guard and also Kiara. She also risks her life into saving Zuri after she nearly falled into a stampede of buffalos. Years pass and alongside Fuli, Kiara, Zuri and Tiifu, she becomes a mother.

Family tree

  • Unnamed cheetah : Mother
  • Unnamed cheetahs cubs  :  Brothers and sisters
  • Adoptive father : Simba
  • Adoptive mother : Nala
  • Adoptive brother : Kion
  • Adoptive sister : Kiara
  • Sister-in-law : Tiifu
  • Friend : Fuli
  • Unnamed cheetah cubs : Children
  • Unnamed cheetah : Mate