The Cave of Pointed Stones (also known as Midnight's Cave) is a sacred place where Midnight resides. It is also where she receives signs and omens from the Great Kings.


A tunnel precedes the cave, which contains a multitude of stalagmites and stalactites. There is a hole in the roof, also described as a jagged crack. There is a sleeping hollow at one end, where Midnight rests, and stores her herbs. Water trickles down the stones and cave walls, and when the cave is empty, it is silent except for the drips of water and the waterfall outside, turned into a silent whisper.


  • Midnight



  • Rafiki and Nita often visit Midnight in her cave.
  • Rock occasionally ventures to this location.
  • Simba and Kion both venture to this location to seek advice from her.
  • Nita enjoys spending time with Midnight in her cave.
  • It is located within walking distance of Huwezi Falls.


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