The Cave of Pointed Stones (also known as Midnight's Cave) is a sacred place where Midnight resides.

  • It is also where she receives signs and omens from the Great Kings.

Physical Attributes

A tunnel precedes the cave, which contains a multitude of stalagmites and stalactites. There is a hole in the roof, also described as a jagged crack that allows light to shine into the enclosure. There is a nest of bracken, moss, and lichen that is used by Midnight to sleep. There are also several crevices that Midnight uses to store a small stash of herbs.


  • Midnight



  • Rafiki and Nita often visit Midnight in her cave.
  • Rock occasionally ventures to this location.
  • Simba and Kion both venture to this location to seek advice from her.
  • Nita enjoys spending time with Midnight in her cave.
  • It is located within walking distance of Huwezi Falls.


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