Melody Berkowitz
Baby Melody
Vital statistics
Title Melody
Gender Female
Race Hyena
Faction Unknown
Health Healthy
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Oasis (Short Stuff 2, The Other Uncle)

Kenya City (RP-Based Story; a fictional city in Africa)

Melody Nina Marie Maxine Lana Berkowitz is the fanmade adoptive daughter of Timon and Shenzi Berkowitz. She appears in the epilogue for Short Stuff 2 as a baby. She also appears in a series of oneshots centering on Max called "The Other Uncle", and an upcoming AU story based off an RP, where Timon and Shenzi adopt her, and the family take a trip to Disneyland to bond with her.

Physical Appearance

Melody is a tiny hyena pup with pointy black ears and a black tail and tiny mane on her neck like her mother Shenzi, yet she has tan ochre fur, a paler chest and stomach, brown toes and eye patches, large brown eyes, and bright red hair like her father Timon. She also tiny, sharp teeth.


Melody is a very sweet and cheerful child, and is always full of energy.


Short Stuff 2/The Other Uncle




Nina (Ma)

RP Story


Melody and Hatari became extremely close very soon after their meeting. While they're at Disneyland, Hatari is immensely protective of his new little sister, never letting her out of his sight, and is almost always carrying her. When Melody got hurt and then later lost, Hatari went to great lengths to help her, even nearly running off on on his own to find her, and threatening a little kid when the latter and his dad hurt her, and stole her bag of candy.

Throughout the story, Melody imitates Hatari frequently, such as the way he slouches in a seat, and the way he ate some cereal, effectively pleasing him. She even helps him fix his hair when needed.

While on the plane in first class, Melody and Hatari find some marshmallows after eating cheese balls.


Melody and Saka bond greatly after their meeting. While in Goofy's Playhouse at Disneyland, the two play the piano, which makes silly noises, together with Timon recording them.


Melody bonds closely with Malene after their meeting. The former starts calling the latter "May" after Max does. On the plane, Melody, Malene, and Saka search for snacks together, and find cheese balls.


Melody develops a close bond with Shetani after their meeting. A while after meeting, Melody starts calling Shetani "Sissy", a nickname which the latter enjoys.


  • In Short Stuff 2 and The Other Uncle, Melody is an only child, while in the RP-based story, she is the youngest of 5 kids, being only 2 days younger than Saka, the former youngest.

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