Mbita was Kovu's and Vitani's father, and a sort of mate of Kula. It is not known that happened to him later on.

Physical features

He has a blonde pelt like Vitani (but more darker) and blue eyes too. He looks really similar to Vitani, but he has a dark mane, and black outlander nose like his son, Kovu.


He is sarcastic and a great follower of rules, like his daughter, but he has a soft and friendly side like Kovu. Not much of his personality is known.


He was a passing rogue during Scar's Reign, and befriended Kula, the king's daughter, and later, the two became mates, and Kula gave birth to Vitani and Kovu. But Kula's plan was to give Scar, her father, a worthy heir, so when Mbita found out, he became furious and leaved the Pride Lands, and never came back.

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