Wepesi Herd
Close Relations
A Friendly Lion

Mbinda is a female dik-dik and the leader of the Wepesi Herd.


Mbinda is a slightly plump dik-dik, her bulk balanced atop thin, fragile-looking legs. Her muzzle is long and rounded at the tip, with a small black nose. Her ears are long and gently rounded at the tips. Her head is small, and the stop is not at all prominent. In contrast, the two black dots at the front edge of each eye are large and round, easy to see. Her velvety fur is sandy-colored, light gray along her back. Thick rings of white fur surround her long-lashed brown eyes. Her right ear has a very small semicircular notch in it. A tuft of fur atop her head sticks upward and curls forward slightly at the tip.


Calm and collected, Mbinda is a wise leader. She knows how to present herself to her herd and to other animals in order to keep peace. She has learned to hide her instinctive timidness, and is able to put on a soothing charm that is effective in gaining her herd allies. She is very difficult to offend, but can sometimes misinterpret what others say. Though patient, she can also become overly concerned if one of her herd members goes missing for even a short time. She has many plans prepared in case of a predator attack, and never forgets to issue an alarm whistle if she spots a potential attacker lurking. She is very vocal and communicative.


Early Life

Mbinda left her herd when she was an adult, desiring to start her own. Her father, leader of his own herd, was reluctant to see her go, but was unable to persuade her to stay. Mbinda found a trio of dik-diks willing to start a herd with her, and the group has expanded since.