Mbali Fields
Mbali Fields
The Lion Guard
Mbali Fields is a location on the edge of the Pride Lands.
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Canon History

The Lion Guard

"The Mbali Fields Migration"

When Muhimu and Swala fight for possession of a depleted grazing ground, Kion goes to his father, Simba, for advice. Simba advises Kion to lead the herds across the Pride Lands to Mbali Fields, a grazing ground on the edge of the kingdom. Though Kion wonders if he is capable of leading a migration, Simba has faith in his son.

Not long after this, Kion asks Ono to scout a route to Mbali Fields, and the egret comes back with a planned path through the Pride Lands. With his route scouted, Kion leads the herds across the Pride Lands, but when Mbali Fields comes into sight, Muhimu loses patience and starts a stampede toward the grazing ground. Though the Lion Guard attempts to stop the panic, the herds cause rocks to fall into their path, and they are forced to cut through the Outlands in order to reach Mbali Fields.

Eventually, the herds reach Mbali Fields and begin grazing in their new home. There, the Lion Guard watches over them contentedly, and Bunga starts up a game of chase with Muhimu's newborn son.

"The Imaginary Okapi"

Mbali Fields is seen during the musical sequence "Life in the Pride Lands".

Appearances in Fanfiction

Here are all the fanfictions that this location makes an appearance in that are on this wiki. If your fanfiction includes Mbali Fields, add it to this list.


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