Hadithi Ya Hodari
Close Relations
Muwa(mother) Jasho(uncle)
A Friendly Lion
Mavu is an adolescent male lion and a member of the Gheiri Pride.


Mavu is a broad, long-bodied animal, built unusually for a lion of his pride. He is moderately well-muscled and quite in shape, with few traces of fat. His legs are long and sturdy, and he has a wide, smooth back. He has a short golden coat, growing thicker (and paling in color) on his throat, chest, and paws. His ears are very small, with scruffy dark brown rims. He has close-set bright yellow eyes and a deep magenta nose. A glossy black tuft of fur on his head is beginning to form into a mane, and the tuft at the end of his tail is thick, sleek, and jet black. His claws are also black, though rather blunt and usually dusty at the tips.


Though he may act aggressive and arrogant, if one gets to know Mavu they will find that he is a caring and forgiving, if somewhat dramatic. He is playful and knows how to have fun, though when his own ideas are shot down, he can be skeptical of others. Mavu enjoys living an exciting life, and loves to explore and look around. He does not like being lied to or shot down. He is fairly predictable and rarely changes. After his mother died, he became somewhat more reserved and distant, prone to bursts of crying. However, eventually the grief faded, and for the most part he became every bit the lion he was before. However, he never quite regained his once-voracious appetite, resigning himself to smaller portions.


Early Life

Mavu was born around the time the Gheiri Pride declared war on another pride. He was rather oblivious to all the fighting, as his mother had him stay with the other cubs. When he grew into an adolescent, he was taught to fight.

Hadithi Ya Hodari


Mavu's friend Nurisha thinks about how she comforted him after his mother did not return from an attack on the other pride.

Later Life

During the battle that wiped out both prides, Mavu was killed.


  • An earlier name for Mavu was Hako.

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