Mate is the Pride terminology for a partnership between two animals.

Taking a Mate

Two Lions can be considered as mates after spending some time together, and are seen sharing tounges often, and after some kind of confession of love, or asking them if they would like to be mates. Usually when lions are cubs or hunters, they will show some affection toward a certain lion. Pride lions usually take a mate from the pride or group, although there are examples of pairings of from different Prides. However, some lions from different prides mate each other secretly despite it's against the Pride code. Examples are Zira and Atka, Abagail and Rowley, or Willow and Storm. It is usual for a lion to have more than one mate; especially male lions. After a while, they stop showing affection toward each other, or if their mate dies, they will usually take on a new mate. An example is Abagail and Michael or Rain and Needle.

Breaking Up

In The Lion King universe, breaking up is fairly rare, but can happen. Some examples of mates who broke up:

  • Zira and Atka
  • Abagail and Rowley
  • Willow and Storm
  • Baako and Dolly
  • Safiya and Tawhir
  • Ramila and Sefu
  • Gamba and Thandiwe


  • They decide that they are not suited for each other anymore or truly don't love each other anymore
  • One Lion does not love the other (Bolt and Angel)
  • One Lion does not truly love their mate back and has feelings for another (Abagail and Rowley)
  • Ending a relationship of forbidden love by mutual agreement, reconigzing that loyalty to their pride is more important than their love (Willow and Storm)
  • Disagreements, mistrust, and misunderstanding (Michael and Cherrie)
  • Disappointment in their mate's actions and behaviour (Zira and Atka)
  • One of the Lions leave the Pride (Tawhir and Safiya)
  • One of the Lions die (Rain takes Needle as a mate after Snap)

Related Romances

There are a variant relationships with similar aspects to mates, etheir in mutual affection, mutual displays of affection, and/or breaking the Pride code to meet with another Pride at night. However, these couplings are never considered official mates for varying reasons and never resulting in kits. Keep in mind, none of these lions ever become mates, but it is largely hinted that they have become mates later. Main examples of these are:

  • Kopa and Lily
  • Snap and Manny
  • Twilight and Primrose
  • Kai and Laurie
  • Brady and Sharon
  • Dolly and Digger
  • Bobby and Samantha
  • Needle and Sultan
  • Rain and Vicky
  • Joe and Sweet


Common reasons why these arn't true mates following:

  • One or both were cubs at the time and too young for a mate (Twilight and Primrose, Dolly and Digger) initally)
  • It was forbidden by the Pride Code by the Pride code and both would refuse to break it (Kopa and Lily)
  • We're never in an offical relationship (Kai and Laurie, Snap and Manny, Bobby and Samantha)
  • We're never described as mates or resulted in kits (Needle and Sultan, Ran and Vicky)
  • Author realized they were related (Joe and Sweet)
  • Author discrepancies (Brady and Sharon)

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