Mankats are evolved meerkats from an alternate future. They behave and live like human beings.

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Background Story

Mankats only appear in the "Frozen Ending" of Damy and Deirdre's story.

"While Damy and Deirdre are being chased by the angry mob from the original ending, they instead manage to escape and hide inside his house. As the crowd is drawing near, Damy comes to the conclusion they need to disappear and lay low for a period of time in order for everyone to fully forget about them, so they can start over.
As Damy is immortal, he suggests Deirdre needs to freeze herself, and promises to go get her in the future. While hesitant, she lets him take her to the underground laboratory of a familiar scientist, who is forced to agree to Damy's request. Even so, Damy kills him after he explained the controls of the machine.

In the year 12.000, Damy returns to the underground laboratory and wakes Deirdre up in a humanized world, inhabited by meerkats. Damy said that somewhere along the way a vampiremeerkat might've shared their knowledge with mortals.
The One-Scratch-and-Spotted-Field no longer exists, and is just another city. Damy's house also no longer exists, as it was destroyed by the mob."


As they recieved the knowledge of vampiremeerkats, they have developed a sense of fashion and created archistructure, vehicles, laws, cultures, money, etc. Though, compared to vampiremeerkats, their version a lot more simplistic, but interestingly enough closer to humans' way of living.

Because these meerkats wear clothes, over time they started losing the fur on their chest and stomach, which is the only noticable feature that truly distinguishes them from "normal" meerkats.


  • As "mankat" is merely a title given to evolved meerkats to distinguish them from regular meerkats; mankats do not actually call each other "mankats".

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