Maliki's Founding
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Maliki's Founding
The Pridelands
Maliki and Weza
The Pridelands are founded

Maliki's Founding is the founding of the Pridelands by Maliki.


Maliki wanted start his own pride. He found the big rock he carved his name into as a cub with Weza, Siri, Mshtuko, and Kimbia. He brought his friends and lions from his former pride and founded the Pridelands.


  • In early ideas, he was going to rename the Hodari pride.
  • Maliki carved his name into Priderock
  • Weza carved her name into Priderock.
  • It takes place 2 weeks before Mosi's Presentation
  • In early ideas, It took place 4 weeks before Mosi's Presentation
  • It is mentioned in Past Royalties
  • It is 2 months before Zeru's birth
  • It is 4 months before Kifo's birth
The History of the Pride Lands
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