Lion 1 (adult)

Adult Maka

Maka is a russet lion with orange paws, inside ears, belly, and muzzle. She has dark brown ear rims, eyespots, tail tuft, and eye dots. She also sports a pink outlander nose, outstretched claws, ahead tuft, scraggly fur, very pale yellow teeth, many scars, bended whiskers, an eyelid that is always down, and freckles that extend to her face. Her eyes are navy blue.

As a cub, her colors were lighter and her eyes were sapphire blue. Also, her freckles were only on her muzzle.

She is the same age, if not, younger, than Vitani.


Maka is a fierce, bossy, savage lioness. She likes to take control of many pridelander lionesses and when she was part of the outlanders she tried to control them too. She is close friends with Spoty and Vitani and used to love Kovu before he went off with Kiara.


Maka was born during Scar's region. Her mother is Tama. She was born when Scar forced Tama to mate with an outlander male named Kirou. She, along with her brothers Bluu and Kelba, looked very odd compared to the other lions. Tama didn't care for Maka or her siblings, she just cared for their half-sister, Jabiga. This left the three with much hate and sorrow in their lives.

When Simba exiled the outlanders, Maka and her brothers chose to go with Zira. This made Tama very happy. Before they were exiled, Simba killed Kirou.

When she was an outlander, she liked to play with other cubs. But, when she was a teen, she fought alongside them, and soon after, during the war, she wounded Simba for life.

As a pridelander, she was grumpy and a ferice hunter. When Simba was of old age, she, Vitani, Kovu, and some other former outlanders killed him and Kovu became king.


Tama (tah-muh): mother, suspected pridelander

Kirou (ker-O-ou): father, deceased

Bluu (blue): brother, suspected rouge

Kelba (keel-buh): brother, suspected rouge


"I don't get it zira. Nuka would make a fine king. I have scars over my eye, and you do'nt treat me like I'm anything speical."

Maka to zira when zira agrues with nuka.

"Bye bye, daddy's boy."

Maka's last words to simba.

"Fine, kovu! Be that way! I'll just play with vitanti and spotty!"

Maka after kovu refuses to play with her.


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