This character belongs to Splash-TheNavyPup. Only I and the admins can edit. . Maji in Swahili means "water".

"Those crocodiles better go through me before they go through you, Kion!" ~Maji talking to Kion.

[[Maji Ediitt|250px]]
Vital statistics
Title Maji
Gender Female
Race Lions
Faction TBA
Health Normal
Level TBA
Status Active
Location Pride Lands


She was born in the Pride Lands. She's the oldest child in the family. When her mom was pregnant with Maji's little brother, Maji attacked an incoming hyena that was ready to pounce on her mom. Maji will never, ever forget that moment. (That will soon be a story.) She met Kion while strolling near Pride Rock. Kion was very happy to see her, and they played games. They became best friends. Of course, Kion met Bunga first, then the Lion guard. Then he met Maji, after Jasiri. (That will also be a separate story as well.) Her home is in a cave near Pride Rock. Her dad hunts and her brother sticks with him to hunt as well. After the crocodile incident, "The Rise of Makuu", Maji said she would guard Big Springs if Makuu causes anymore trouble, Kion approved.


Her fur and legs are light tan, but her belly and fur on the tail are dark brown. Her eyes are blue. Near her feet she has dark brown "socks". Near the bottom of her mouth it's dark brown.


She is a chill lioness who loves water and likes to play around. She's one of Kion's best friends. She stays near Big Springs in case Makuu and the crocs come to cause more trouble. She rarely gets mad unless any of her friends are hurt.



(I may create a family but not use it because of time and I may be busy.)



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