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The Lion King Wiki

A wiki that contains any information relating to The Lion King.

The Lion King Theory Wiki

A wiki dedicated to theories and possibilities.

The Lion Guard Wiki

A wiki that contains any information relating to The Lion Guard.

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Got a Lion King or Lion Guard character sitting on your mind? Have a story to write? Then bring it to the public here! It's all at the tips of your fingers! Just type your page's name and go!

Remember, it's fanon, keep it clean.

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1. Behave in the Pride Lands(chat).
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3. Be polite to the newcomers.
4. Write appropriate fanfiction stories, please.
5. Have fun!
For more rules, please read the Rules. Thanks!

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About Fanon

What is fanon, you ask?
Something that is fanon is something created by the fans of a certain book, video game, or movie- in this case, The Lion King and all of the other media centered around the same universe. Fanon characters are characters that are created by a fan and are not an actual part of the canon or semi-canon, though they may be worked into the plot. Fanon stories, or fanfictions, are stories that either feature fanon characters or stories about canon characters that were not part of the canon plot lines in the movies, books, comics, et cetera. Fanfiction is often used to express theories about canon characters. Take Vitani, a canon characters featured in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, for example. Then look at Tama, a lioness cub who is a comic character. Some similarities are visible between the two lionesses. A theory about this could be Tama is Vitani's Mother. There are many theories in the Lion King fandom, some featuring canon characters only, and some featuring both canon and fanon characters.
I do not think I am a good artist.
You can take pictures from the movies and re-design(trace) them into what your characters look like.
Okay, so where do I start?
Start in the Create box located at the bottom of the page.

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