Mahiri is Tamathecurious' oc.


He is a mostly grey cub with a black tuft of hair on his head much like Kovu's and an outlander's head although he is a Pridelander. His eyes are an electric blue and his paws and belly are black.


His personality is like his name which means skillful and clever. He is smart, athletic and always alert. He always seems to have a plan for everything that comes his way. He tries to be the best at everything and is a show off without intending to. When he tries to talk to people they tend to ignore him, so he doesn't like people very much. But once you get to know him, he'll be more playful. He has trust issues and can be a bit sceptical at first. Around Sita, he is shown to be affectionate and inspiring. But unfortunately, he has his quirks. He can be really Overprotective to his wife and kids, and can be short tempered when it comes to animals that 'step out of line' *Cough* Mwizi *Cough*


His father was a supporter of Simba so he went against Scar but were sadly killed by Scar's pack of Hyenas leaving his mom to take care of the young cub. His mom became depressed and later just left him to fend off for himself. He then bumped into two cubs while walking around, one of them brought them to Simba and he agreed to be a Pridelander.


Sita- Since he has a crush on her, Mahiri is very caring to her and will do just about everything for her. When they get older, he gets more overprotective and serious but doesn't mind playing and having fun.

Tama (Tamathecurious) - Mahiri is terrified of her at first and will not be near Sita if Tama is around because Tama is protective of her friend. But as they grow older Tama then trusts him more and more.

Bozaa - Since he is his 'adopted son' he seems to like him the best and teaches him as many things as he can. He is shown to be very fatherly towards him and would take a bullet for him.


"Hi, I'm Mahiri." Addressing Sita who he just met.

"Leave Them alone!" Mahiri yelling at hyenas attacking his friends

"I love you" Mahiri telling Sita he loves her.

"That's not really the way to do it, son." Mahiri addressing Bozaa


Fun Facts

  • He is based on my favorite cousin Ben
  •  Canyoufeelthelovetonight helped me with the colors of him (Thanks so much!)
  • Although we have a Sita X Tama ship, we decided that Mahiri X Sita would be our next ship X3
  • He is with Kion in the Kihiri universe.
  • The Kihiri universe is the same as the Tita universe

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