These cubs are Jasiri and kion cubs ( and yes were taking about Jasiri from the lion guard and kion the leader of the lion guard ) .

The creator is Eva & Estrella together forever

there personality

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Soet : She's very sweet and loving , she love to play with her best bro Viper aka bff .she's loves to chase anything small , poor Hyraxs  lol . 

Viper : he's adventurous , and very kind to others and has a big fear of of mean  outlander, and snakes.

Sojokalade : he's very thought , but is kinda nice he is very feace like his dad , and loves to reseal .

Loper : he's scared that Sojokalade is going to kill him , since he's not that strong but he's not the runt , he's very sweet and lovein . 

Mooi : hes the first born and is best friends with the second born Moed who is his sister , Mooi means handsome , Mooi is hyper , smart and loves to  chase birds .

Moed : The second born , She's is best friends with Mooi , and she is very Adventurous and fierce , and loves to sing, she acts way like the first born, shes very mature for what ever age she's in she can be cocky, but not really and grows a HUGE crush on Misuli.


soet : she is yellow like her dad but lighter and has dark purple spots like her mom on her back , and has a brown sock and has red bangs and green eyes

Viper :  hes purple like his mom And has an orange  tipped tail and an orange trim on his head like his dad but orange , and has orange tipped ears and a yeloow under belly

Loper  : loper is the twin of sojokalade he's dark brown and has a black tipped head

Sojokalade : he has black bangs and is chocolate brown and has a black spot and has a a black tipped tail and has black circles around his eyes and has black and tan socks on all of his legs .

mooi : he's orange and has a blue tipped head and has an yellow  under belly.and pink eyes

moed : She's purplish fur like her mother with light party pink bangs and the get darker at the end,tail,socks and underbelly and a dark pink muzzle/chest and with two pink spots on her tail as a birth mark.


Loper and Sojokalade are the only ones that grow a mains but lopers main comes in 3 months after  sojokalade .

there was actually was one more cub but died during birth and the others didn't find out until later on in the pre teens

they all get along great with Misuli and Moed falls in love with him.






The stories

The baobab fruit games


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