Tafari~Tau's twin brother and one of Lady Liuwa's mates, Father of Farhan,Ndidi,Mweyne,Raj and Kenya.

Tau~ Tafari's twin brother and another one of Lady Liuwa mates.Father of Bwana,Kaya,Nabari,Kira an Ranjah.

Lady Liuwa~Founder of the pride and mother of Farhan,Bwana,Kaya,Ndid,Mweyne,Raj, Kenya,Ranjah and Kira.

Farhan~Lady Liuwa's son.Ndidi's mate and father of Leona,Likku and Lena.

Bwana~Lady's daughter and kaya's twin sister. Nabari's mom.

Kaya~ Lady's daughter and Bwana's twin sister.Linus,Suki,Nyah and Nia mother.Farhan's mate.

Ndidi~Lady's daughter. Farhan's mate.Leona,Likku and Lena's mom.

Mweyne~A teenager from Lady's last litter of cubs.

Raj~A teenager from Lady's last litter of cubs.

Kenya~ Lady's teenage daughter from her last litter.

Nabari~Bwana's Son. Oldest cub.

Ranjah~Lady Liuwa's newest son.

Kira~Lady Liuwa's Newest daughter.

Linus~Kaya's son.

Suki~Kaya's daughter.

Nyah~Kaya's daughter

Nia~Kaya's daughter

Leona~ Farhan and Ndidi daughter. one of the youngest members

Likku~Farhan and Ndidi daughter.One of the youngest members

Lionel~Farhan and Ndidi son.One of the youngest members.

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