The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar
Close Relations
Shordu (father)

Yzra (mother) Zira (sister) Scar (ex-brother-in-law) Mordotu (brother-in-law) Nuka (nephew) Kovu (step-nephew) Vitani (step-niece) Nekoda (mate) Laka (daughter) Viaga (daughter) Koka (son)

Meerton (son)
 Lira is the daughter of Shordu and Yzra, sister of Zira, sister-in-law of Mordotu, Aunt of Nuka and Step-Aunt of Kovu and Vitani. After she was banished from the Outlands by her sister, She is now married to her mate Nekoda and she became the mother of her four cubs. By name Laka, Viaga, Koka and Meerton. She was mentioned in The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar where Rafiki told Kion the story about Zira's sister after Scar was no longer the leader of the lion guard.

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