Kovu and Kiara sat next to each other, looking out over the proudly over their family, that  had doubled in the last half hour. Simba's booming roar sounded, and Kovu's more subdued roar followed. After every royal lion roar together, the rest of the huge pride answered, and Kiara nuzzled her new mate.

"I love you, Kovu," she smiled.

As the lionesses went back to their usual business, Simba headed into the den. He was exhausted after the battle, and needed to rest. As he entered, Simba noticed a lioness, one of the old Outlanders, sitting in his spot. Simba was about to inform her that there were certain places she wasn't allowed to be, when he noticed that she had something in between her front paws. It was a little brown cub, sniffling and squirming in it's mother's paws.

"Dada..." the cub wimpered, "Dada..."

"I know," the lioness sighed, "I really do."


"Hush, KuKumbuka, please hush."

"Hello," Simba whispered, walking up to them.

"Hi," she replied, looking up.

"Hai," the cub squeaked.

"He's very cute," Simba smiled, "Does the little guy have a name?"

"Yes, KuKumbuka. We shorten it to Kumbuka, though."


"Yeah, it takes two."

The lions laughed.

"I meant where's the father?" Simba asked.

"Simba," Kovu called from outside the den, "could you come out here for a minute?"

"Sure," he replied, "I'll see you later, um...?"



Simb leaved the den, and sat down next to Kovu.

"What is it?" Simba asked.

"That's Dotty," Kovu replied, "My brother Nuka's mate. He... is the one who was killed earlier."

"So he's Kumbuka's father."

"Yeah. So try not to bring him up again, okay?"

"Of course. Do you know where Kiara and Nala are?"

"Over here!" Kiara called.

She and Nala walked up to Kovu and Simba.

"We couldn't help overhearing," said Nala, snuggling up to Simba, "You didn't tell us you were an uncle, Kovu."

"Well, he wasn't born very long ago," Kovu replied with a little smile.

"You know, Kovu," Kiara said, grinning at Kovu, "I think I'm going to be having me one of those."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I'm pretty sure that I'm pregnant."

"What?!" Simba and Nala shouted.

"When... How... When...?"

Kiara got very close to Kovu and whispered into his ear.

"In Upendi..."

"Kiara, why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

"I wasn't sure we'd survive the battle, and I didn't want you to worry about me - well, us, really. But now..."

"I can't believe this... Kiara that was almost three months ago now. You're gonna have it any day now... I'm gonna be a father..."

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