The Pridelands

The Pridelands is a vast African savanna controlled by the Pridelanders. The Pride Lands is a very fertile place and is diverse in the way of fauna.

Pride Rock

Pride Rock is the central setting for the Fanfics. It's the home of the Pridelanders.

Pride Rock serves several key purposes: it houses the monarch and his pride, serves as the central meeting place for residents, and is the place where official business is conducted.


The Outlands is a barren wasteland located beyond the Pridelands borders. It's the former home of the Outsiders.

Lair of the Lion Guard

The Lair Of The Lion Guard is a cave within Pride Rock. It's the meeting place for The Third Guard. It appears in The Third Guard and

Flat Ridge Rock

Flat Ridge Rock is a long, flat rock that sits on a ridge at the border of the Outlands and the Pride Lands. In the Third Guard, Mungu runs past it to see her mother.

Mapema Rock

Situated on the edge of a river, Mapema Rock is a large rock that juts out into the water. Its edges are smooth, and it ends in a rounded peak over the river, with a scattering of smaller rocks at its base.

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