A leopard in the Serengeti

Leopards(scientific name Panthera pardus) are characters in The Lion King franchise. Thus, only six named leopards have appeared: a scarred male, One-Eye; a king, Leopold; a princess, Claudia, and three characters in The Lion Guard; Makucha, Mapigano, and Badili.


Leopards are spotted animals with coats in shades of yellow and gold. During "I Just Can't Wait to be King", a leopard was shown with red fur, but the colors in this song were changed to be unrealistic, reflecting a naive view of the world.


Leopards are powerful carnivores that often bring their prey up into trees so that it is out of the reach of other predators and scavengers. They are the apex predators of African jungles, though they are exceptionally capable of adapting to other environments. These may include grasslands or savannas, however, here they are usually dominated by lions and spotted hyenas.

Leopards can run up to 36 miles per hour. They are the smallest members of the Panthera genus.

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Appearances in Fanfictions

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