Laini's Group
Laini's Group
Laini's Group
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The Lion Guard
Laini's Group is a group of galagos that live in the Pride Lands.


The Lion Guard

"The Search for Utamu"

Whilst on a patrol, Ono alerts the Guard to the cries of Laini and two members of her group, and Fuli rushes ahead to assist them.

She manages to catch them, just before they can fall out of a tree, and the galagos respond by nuzzling her appreciatively, prompting Fuli to request assistance in prying them off her, to which Bunga complies.

"The Imaginary Okapi"

The group appears briefly during "Life in the Pride Lands".

"The Trouble With Galagos"

As the Lion Guard relaxes at Hakuna Matata Falls, Laini's Group approaches them, and ask for their help in dealing with a leopard.

Before the Guard could help, Ono informs Kion of a situation involving Shingo, and the Guard leaves to help him, promising to help the galagos afterwards.

After the Guard had helped Shingo, Laini's group arrives, and explain their reason for leaving Hakuna Matata Falls,

Bunga and Beshte attempt to reassure them, and Kion tries to convince the group to go back to Hakuna Matata Falls, but the galagos refuse.

When the Guard arrives at the tree, they notice the leopard, and Laini warns Kion to be careful, as the leopard is fierce. Kion warmly remarks that he is as well, and tells the Guard to surround the tree.

When the leopard awakes, he introduces himself, and the Guard informs him of the situation.

Badili explains that he never intended to harm the galagos, and asks if they could share the tree, but Laini adamantly refuses.

The Guard decides to walk Badili back to Mirihi Forest, and the galagos scamper back up their tree.

Later, the galagos inform the Guard of Badili's return, and Kion realizes that Badili needed to learn how to stand up for himself on his own.

After Badili has defeated Mapigano, the Guard returns to Hakuna Matata Falls. Laini arrives, and tells them that soenone else had invaded the tree.

Irritated, the Guard goes to the tree, and discovers Bunga nestled amongst several galagos.

"The Traveling Baboon Show"

As the Traveling Baboon Show performs, Laini's Group watches from a tree, with a few members ending up being part of the show.

"The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar"

As the Guard patrols the Pride Lands, Kion protects Laini, and several other members of her group from a hyena. Later, they are amongst the gathered Pride Landers as Ma Tembo searches for a water source.

"Rafiki's New Neighbors"

During "Three of a Kind" Chama, Mzaha, and Furaha unintentionally disrupt members of the group.

"The Little Guy"

"The Scorpion's Sting"

"The Kilio Valley Fire"

Named Members 


Laini is a female galago.

Laini is skittish and easily frightened. She trusts the Lion Guard completely, and often depends on their strength to protect her.

Unnamed Members

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