Original family picture from 2004.

Kurt's family exists out of his parents and two older brothers.

While they knew who kidnapped and murdered Kurt, they never knew about the existence of Kurt's son, till he visited them 25 years after his birth.

They've only made two appearances in total. Their first one was in 2004, at Lionking
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Collin is Kurt's father.
He looks like a strong and serious man from the outside, but has always been emotionally invested in his family and the people he cares about. As Kurt was always well-behaved, he easily was his favourite child.

Present time
After Kurt's disappearance and comfirmed death, he entered a depression. While he knows his son is dead, he is still waiting for him to turn up.

Collin looks very sturdy and a bit muscular. He has black hair, a big nose, big eyebrows, big ears, and long fuzzy fur at some places of his body.




Cara is Kurt's mother.
She is a playful mother who sometimes ruled with an iron fist, which she had to with a child like Judah.
As Kurt was always well-behaved, he easily was her favourite child. Though, she sometimes teamed up with Judah to prank him.

Present time
After Kurt's disappearance and comfirmed death, she's mainly been busy comforting her husband.

Cara has long curly blonde hair, a pink nose, a pointy chest, and a round face.



Young Jesse.

Jesse is Kurt's older brother.
Kurt used to play with him the most, as he didn't have the tendency to be noisy and mean like his other brother, Judah.
Jesse, on the other hand, liked playing with Judah the most, as he found him to be more exciting than Kurt.

Present time
After Kurt's disappearance and comfirmed death, he stayed with his parents to help them with their grief.

Jesse has big, floppy ears, big eyebrows and black messy hair.



Young Judah.

Judah is Kurt's oldest brother.
He's a joker and hard to take seriously, as he's never serious. He used to tease and prank Kurt alot, because he was always so polite and, in his opinion, "without passion", since he didn't like to fool around or be a bother to someone else. Unlike Judah.

Present time
After Kurt's disappearance and comfirmed death, he changed his ways and started living his life how he thinks Kurt would've lived it.

Judah has blonde hair with a cowlick, big ears, and a messy appearance in general.


  • "Jesse" was first spelled "Jhesse".
  • Kurt is the only family member who's name doesn't start with an "C" or "J".
  • Damy once visited his grandparents on Deirdre's request, but never returned again.
  • Collin confused Damy to be Kurt.

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