Name KuKumbuka (known as Kumbuka)
Meaning Remember (KuKumbuka) or Note (Kumbuka) (Swahili)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Outlanders (technically formerly) Pridelanders (currently)
Close Relations

Son of Dotty and Nuka, brother of Speckles, brother-in-law of Kizazi and Upelelezi

Kumbuka (full name; KuKumbuka) is the son of Nuka and Dotty, and the older brother of Speckles, in my (Ladybernard's) fanfiction, Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page), and plays a minor part in the sequel, Upelelezi's Journey.

Kumbuka was born only a short while before Nuka's death, and, although he only knew his father for a very short period of his life, it is clear that Kumbuka was quite close to Nuka, crying for "dada" after Nuka died.

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Kumbuka can be a polite and sweet cub (a bit of a suck-up, according to Kizazi), but he also gets a very angry when his little sister is in the spotlight. He isn't always fond of Kizazi, because he favors Speckles, but enjoys playing with him anyway. Kumbuka hates when Kizazi keeps all the attention for himself.

Teenager/Young Adult

As a late teenager/young adult (as shown in Upelelezi's Journey), Kumbuka is shown to have dramatically calmed, yawning constantly when he talks. Also, he seems a bit lazy, and has aquired the nickname "Buka". More will be revealed about him later.

Full Adult

Coming soon!



Kumbuka has the build and the features of an Outlander,much li
Baby kumbuka

Kumbuka, upon his birth, sleeping in Dotty's paws.

ke his father, Nuka. Although he has the angular Outlander nose, it is much more square that those of other lions. His coat is brown, with a hint of purple, and his underbelly is almost the same, but much lighter. Strangly, only his front toes are colored, although they were all colored as a young cub (it is unclear why this changed when he grew). Kumbuka has a large tuft of black fur on his head, that droops into his eyes, just a bit, and dark brown inner-ears. His eyes are the bright, red colored eyes of his fa
Teen kumbuka
ther and sister, and his eyebrows are surprisingly thin, and groomed-looking. Kumbuka has six spots under one eye, that he gets from Dotty, as well as very large paws.

Late Teenager/Young Adult

As a young adult/late teenager, Kumbuka's fur has darkened slightly, and reddened a bit. He closely resembles his father, Nuka, when he was that age, but his mane is much, much longer, and he doesn't have extra fur on his chin. Although Kumbuka's mane is more wiry and thinner then Kizazi's mane, once again, it is longer. As a young adult, Kumbuka has developed cheek tufts.

Full Adult

Coming soon!

Early Design

Safi and troste

As you can see, there was a major coloring mistake: one of Trotse's paws has uncolored toes.

In an earlier version of Hyena Rules, Kumbuka was known as Trotse, the twin brother of Safi. He resembled a Pridelander, but this was changed along with his name (Trotse and Safi are free to use).

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