Kovu and Simba are friends.

They have a respectful relationship.

  • Kovu shows unending devotion and loyalty towards Simba.
  • He and Kiara often assist Simba in his duties.
  • Simba dotes on Kovu's children.

Simba occasionally refers to Kovu as "My Son".

Kovu desperately wants to make Simba proud of him.

No Worries Vacation

  • Simba entrusts Kovu with the Pridelands, Kiara and Kion.
  • Kovu promises to take care of them.
  • Simba has faith in Kovu.

An Enjoyable Evening 

  • Simba and Kovu engage in a conversation about Kovu and Kiara's future cubs.
  • Simba playfully teases Kovu and Kiara on the way home.

Enemy Invasion 

  • Kovu and Simba deal with the invasion

Familial Bonding 

• Kovu and Simba take Kion on a patrol.

Babysitting Adventure 

• Simba asks Kovu and Kiara to babysit Kion.

Reflection Of The Past

• Simba and Kovu talk about being king.

• They both show annoyance when Zazu flies up.

A Sudden Arise 

• Kovu and Simba deal with the fire.

A Joyful Occurrence  

• Simba and Kovu witness Kion's birth.

A Gaze into Paradise 

• Simba has complete faith in his daughter and son in law.

Family Vacation 

• Simba takes Kovu and the rest of the family to Upendi.

• Kovu and Kiara are shocked when they realize where they are.

• Kovu assures Kiara he had no idea about the location.

A Problem in the Savannah Part 1 and 2 

• Simba and Kovu face Fisi.

• Despite Simba's orders to leave him and go home, Kovu refuses and shows loyalty and love when he stays with Simba.

• Kovu helps Simba walk back home.

• Simba and Nala tell Kovu, Kiara, and Kion about Kopa.

Unexpected Reunion 

• Simba and Kovu are reunited with Kopa.

• Simba introduces Kopa to Kiara, Kovu, and Kion.

A Love That Never Dies 

• Kovu and Simba take part in Kopa and Clea's wedding.

• They welcome Clea into the family

A Joyful Occassion  

• Kovu becomes a father when Kiara gives birth to Belee and Denahi.

• Simba shows pride for his daughter and son in law.

A Wonderful Day 

• Kovu and Simba welcome Kopa and Clea's cubs, Kia and Kenai into the family.

Unexpected Romance 

• Kovu and Simba take part in Vitani's wedding.

• They welcome Kora into the family.

Surprising Event 

• Kovu and Simba welcome Vitani's daughter, and Kovu's niece into the family.

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