Kovu and Kiara are mates, they are shown to have a affectionate relationship.

  • Together they rear twin cubs named Belee and Denahi.
  • Their bond is shown to be strong,affectionate, and trusting.
  • Kiara is dependent on Kovu for love, support, comfort, and protection.
  • Kovu is fiercely defensive and protective of both Kiara, and their cubs.
  • They are described as being one
  • Kovu has stated that his first priority will always be taking care of Kiara.
  • Kiara finds comfort in pushing her muzzle into Kovu's mane. 

No Worries Vacation

  • Kiara and Kovu are left in charge of the Pridelands and Kion while Simba and Nala are on vacation.
  • They assure Simba and Nala that they can handle it.

An Enjoyable Evening

  • Kovu and Kiara spend quality time together in the meadow with the rest of the family.
  • Kovu watches Kiara and Kion wrestling.
  • Kovu and Kiara exchange loving words to each other on the way home.

Bedtime Stories

• Kiara and Kovu are together until Nala calls Kiara inside to put  Kion to bed.

Enemy Invasion

• Kiara and Kovu are separated during the invasion.

• Both Nala and Kiara are worried about their mates

• Kiara and Kovu engage in a affectionate reunion

A Close Call

• Kovu and Kiara rescue Kion from Helga and Hista.

• Kovu stays silent during the exchange between Kiara and Helga.

• Kovu goes back to Pride Rock alone so Kiara can talk to Kion

A View Upon the Ancestors

• Kovu and Kiara were together with Kion

• Kiara sent Kion to Sarabi and Sarafina so they can talk.

Babysitting Adventure

• Kiara and Kovu  babysit Kion.

• Kiara watches Kovu and Kion wrestling.

Brotherly Bonding

• Kiara and Kovu spend time with Kion at the waterhole.

• Kiara listens to  Kovu telling Kion about Zira.

• Kiara gives Kovu silent emotional support as he does.

A Joyful Occurrence    

• Kiara and Kovu witness Kion's birth

A Gaze Into Paradise

• Kiara and Kovu run the kingdom while Simba and Nala are away

• Kovu provides love and comfort to Kiara and helps her cope with her fears

Family Vacation

• Kovu and Kiara return to Upendi.

• They reflect on when Rafiki showed it to them.

• They are tasked with showing Kion around Upendi.

• They share a den with Kion.

A Problem In The Savannah Part 1 & 2 

• In Part 1 Kiara and Nala take Kion home. Kovu goes with Simba to deal with the problem

• In Part 2 Kovu and Kiara learn about Kopa.

Unexpected Reunion  

• Kiara and Kovu meet Kopa.

A Love That Never Dies 

• Kovu and Kiara take part in Kopa's wedding.

• They gain Clea as a sister.

A Joyful Occasion

• Kiara gives birth to Belee and Denahi.

• She and Kovu become parents.

A Wonderful Day   

• Kovu and Kiara become an aunt and uncle when Kopa and Clea have cubs.

• their niece is named after Kiara

An Unexpected Romance    

• Kiara and Kovu take part in Vitani's wedding.

• They gain Kora as a brother.

A Surprising Event   

• Kiara and Kovu gain a niece when Vitani has her cub.

The Darkness Before Dawn

Kiara and Kovu talk about leaving the Pridelands

Diffcult Disscussion

  • Kiara comforts Kovu as they tell their children about Zira

Romantic Getaway

  • Kovu and Kiara to to Hakuna Matata for a vacation.
  • Kovu takes care of Kiara
  • Kovu hunts for Kiara
  • Kovu helps Kiara with a thorn in her paw

Dangrous Adventure

  • Kovu comforts Kiara
  • Kovu promises that they'll protect their children.
  • Kiara is desperate for comfort
  • Kovu is concerned for Kiara.

Our Love Can Outlive Anything

  • They spend quality time together in the meadow.
  • Kiara introduces Kovu to Mufasa.
  • They have a discussion about their niece Nita.

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