Tatu and Uzumi

Tatu and Uzuri sit alone.

Kovu's Pride is a fanfic by MagicDust337, and the sequel to The Rouge. Kovu's Pride is about Kovu, still reigning as king, and Kiara, the present queen, having a third cub, Koda.



Koda goes out adventuring and encounters a female member of the Woodland Pride. The female cub reveals that her name is Uzuri. Uzuri continually flirts with Koda until her mother arrives, claiming that outsiders are not welcome there. Uzuri whispers to Koda to follow her. The two escape Uzuri's mother by hiding in a small cave. They stay in the cave and socialize, getting to know eachother. Koda eventually reveals that he is a prince, causing Uzuri to fall in love with him; she only loves lions with power. Once Koda finally realizes Uzuri feels for him as he does her, he decides it's time to leave the cave and introduce her to his pride.


Uzuri runs away from home, her mother enraged at the fact that her daughter is dating a pridelander, but is kidnapped while bathing. Uzuri attempts to rescue Uzuri but the both of them are caught and placed in a cage. Eventually, the two are rescued by a teen lion named Sean. Sean reveals that he is a lone lion who was once a member of the Woodland Pride, his mother was slain by a cheetah and he ran away. Uzuri and Koda take Sean to Kovu. Sean begs Kovu to join the royal pride, seeing as he rescued Uzuri and Koda and is curretntly rouge. Kovu allows Sean to join and makes him Koda's personal bodygaurd. Sean doesn't mind gaurding Koda, seeing as how humble the cub is.


Uzuri finds out that Mgumu is not her real mother. Mgumu starts a plot to kill Kovu. Kenobi, Uzuri's father, is exiled from the Woodland Pride for disagreeing with Mgumu. Mgumu eventually attacks the Royal Pride, also attempting to kill Koda. Eventually, the king and queen of the Woodland Pride are murdered, along with many of their forces, including Mgumu.Koda and Uzuri become king and queen of the Woodland Pride.