Name Kosekana
Meaning Be Missing
Species Lion


Mufasa (Father)

Zira (Mother)

Simba (Brother)

Kopa and Kion (Nephews)

Kiara (Niece)

Kovu (Adoptive Brother)

Nuka (Brother)

Vitani (Sister)

Kosekana is Chumvi 's character. He appears in Bunga!. He currently lives in the Forest of the Missing[1]. He is the son of Zira and Mufasa.


Kosekana doesn't know much about his family. He was born happy and healthy, due to her having Nuka, she couldn't take care of the baby. She gave him to his father, Mufasa, but he shortly died. Sarabi took care of the cub. He gained his wounds due to a honey badger attacking him. Shortly after his brother's death, he didn't want to live in the Pridelands. He ran away to the Forest of the Missing.  There he made his own pride called "The Forest Pride".  After the founding, a young honey badger comes to the pride. He meets him, his name is Bunga. 


In Bunga! when he first meets Bunga, he is shown to be filled with hope and pride for The Forest Pride. At the end of the fanfiction where Bunga convinces him to go back into the Pridelands[2] he is shown to be filled with worry. He is mostly joyful and filled with glee during most of Bunga!.


He has his father's brown coat, he also has his mother's coat on his underbelly. He has his mother's ear, were it is cut on one side. He has many more features from his parents like his toes and his mane.


  • None of the royal family remembers him.
  • The picture of Kosekana in this article is made from this .
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