Kopa and Kiara are siblings.

They have an affectionate relationship.

* They dote on Kion.

* Kopa holds no resentment towards his younger sister.

* He named his daughter after Kiara.

They are supportive of Kion's new role.

They both want to make their parents proud of them

Unexpected Reunion 

  • Kiara and Kopa meet each other.
  • Kopa praises Kiara

A Love That Never Dies

  • Kiara introduces Kopa to Clea.
  • Kiara takes part in Kopa's wedding.

A Joyful Occassion  

  • They witness Belee and Denahi's birth.

A Wonderful Day 

  • They witness Kia and Kenai's birth.

A Unexpected Romance 

  • They witness Vitani's wedding 

A Surprising Event 

  • They welcome Vitani's daughter into the family.

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