Kopa and Clea are mates.

They have an affectionate relationship.

  • They knew each other since childhood.
  • They dote on their niece and nephew.
  • They named their daughter after Kiara.

Kopa shows a deep protective streak when interacting with Clea

A Love That Never Dies 

Kopa and Clea are reunited.

They get married

Clea becomes a part of the family.

Past Times 

Kopa and Clea spend time together in the meadow.

Danger is Near 

Kopa and Clea witness the invasion.

They have a affectionate reunion.

A Joyful Occasion 

They witness Belee and Denahi's birth.

A Wonderful Day

They become parents.

They name their daughter after Kiara.

Unexpected Romance

They take part in Vitani's wedding.

They gain Kora as a brother.

Kora is a friend of Kopa's.

Surprising Event 

They become a aunt and uncle when Vitani has her cub.

Romantic Getaway 

They say goodbye to Kovu and Kiara.

Dangerous Adventure

They take care of their niece and nephew

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