Hello, this is how I think Kopa's story went. It's a little dramatic, but enjoy! TheNewGuy01 Just Eat It! See Me on DailyMotion!!!!

The Story

Our story begins in a jungle, and Nala and Kovu are there. "The last time I came here," starts Nala, "Was to bury my son."

"Wh-what?!" exclamed Kovu.

Nala sighed "Its a loo-nng story. Lemme start at the beginning: 

"According to Zira, she found Kopa sitting near a lake side. "Kopa," she snarled, "I've found something that you might be interested in." "Really? Cool!" said Kopa, and ran beside Zira. Zira took him to the gorge where Mufasa had been killed. As they reached the bottom, Kopa said, "Geez, I shoulden't be here." "But why ever not?" asked Zira. "Well, Its a real long story, but my daddy and grandma say that I should never come here," Kopa replied. "Tell me why the h*** you can't come here!" "Grandfather Mufasa got trampled to death here," the cub explained. "Gosh, it's late. I-I should go." Just as Kopa turned around, Zira grabbed his tail. "...And the same thing's going to happen to YOU!"

Kopa started running, but Zira was gaining on him. "Kopa, dear," Zira said, sounding like a demon, "Where are you? I've just shown you the beginning." Kopa ran and hid in some bushes. "Why did I listen to her?" he moaned. He listened but heard nothing. "Haha! I've lost her! Eat that, you big..." He never finished what he was saying, because Zira grabbed his tail. "Say good night, Twirp." "NOOOOOO!" screamed Kopa. But Zira's paw dove into his chest. 

"Me (Nala), Simba, and my mother went out looking for Kopa. We asked Zira, since she seemed so close to Kopa, if she knew where he went. She was eating a heart, and giving little bits to you, since you were a baby." "Holy cow, I ate Kopa..." said Kovu, looking at the ground. Nala laughed and continued the story. 

""I haven't seen the little brat since yesterday," she said. Then, my mom came holding a dead body. "Not now, Sarafina," said Simba. "But...look." 

"It was Kopa. Zira had eaten my sons heart. Then everything fell in place." 

(Screen goes black, Showing sound clips from TLK 2)

"...Nothing there but a bunch of murdurous Outsiders..."You can't turn your back on them..." "...Or am i to be blamed for a crime i didn't commit?"

(Love Theme From Attack Of The Clones Plays)

"If only I had thought twice about letting him out on his own! D*** it!" cried Nala. Kovu leaned in and kissed her cheek. "I think he's happy now. And I think your a wonderful parent, more or less," he said. "Come on, let's see what Kiara brought back from her hunt. I'm starved."  

The End

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