So...Hello...I'm new here (please call me PAW or Shamu) so this is my first story here, with my version of Shani (who was Simba's original daughter, but instead I made her Chumvi and Kula's daughter, and her brother is Chaka) and when her family visits Simba, along with Malka (who's with an unnamed OC), Mheetu (who is now a teen), Tama, and Tojo. Zira also tries to attack Kopa, but he becomes scared, and runs away from home, and meets a pride...or is it a lion pride..?

Coming Soon, here's a preview!

As Kopa was ready to pounce, he heard a noise....

Kopa: Alright...who's there..?

Zira smiles in grass, ready for revenge...her claws are 3...2...-


Kopa turns around, as Mheetu runs to him.

Mheetu: Hey Kopa, your father wants to speak with you...

Kopa: I have to? I was about to pounce!

Mheetu frowns at Kopa, making Kopa run to Simba.

Zira: *growls at Mheetu* (whispers) I will avenge you Scar...(a evil smile creeped on her face as Mheetu left)

End of Preview


Kopa backed up scared, and tried to scare them off...they were too big, his family wasn't there to save him, he closed his eyes, as he got hit.

  • flashback*

Kopa and Asante were playing around, however, Kopa looked up to see if his father was there...

Asante: Kopa..? You okay?

Kopa: Yeah...I'm fine...

Rafiki's tree however, was by them, over a hill, where Simba happened to be. The king looked down at his son, then growled.

Kopa saw his father, and whispered a plan to Asante, who nodded, and did a fake growl at Kopa as she walked away, and Kopa faked growled too.

Simba: Kopa... (Frowns)

Kopa: Uh...hey dad...(thinks, then tries to change he subject) Dad..weren't you supposed to teach me how to pounce?

Simba: (remembered) Oh no...Fine...c'mon Kopa...

Pimbi, who was watching from far away, was ready.

Pimbi: He's not gonna prank he this time!

(To be continued)

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