Name Kizazi
Meaning Generation (Swahili)
Species Lion
Affiliation(s) Pridelanders (crown prince)
Close Relations

Son of Kovu and Kiara, brother of Upelelezi, mate of Speckles, brother-in-law of Kumbuka and Lekkers

Kizazi is the oldest child of Kiara and Kovu, the older brother of Upelelezi, as well as the crown pince of the Pridelands. He is betrothed to Speckles, the daughter of Nuka and Dotty. Kizazi is the mane character of Lion King 3: Hyena Rules (Page) and plays a minor role in the sequel, Lion King 4: Upelelezi's Journey (Chapter 1)

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Kizazi is very
Kizzy slightly older

Kizazi yells at Zazu (chapter 11)

playful, and he easily bounces back. He is somewhat competitive, but never gets annoyed at his little sister (the exact opposite of Kumbuka, who is often bothered by his own sister), and dislikes being outsmarted. He is shown to be very friendly, making friends with Waanzin, the hyena cub. Kizazi is a bit of a show-off though he is a good loser. He has a very good relationship with Speckles (he seems to even love her), but has a rivalry with her older brother, Kumbuka. He is very social, able to make friends with hyenas like Waanzin and her cousins.

Late Teen/Young Adult

As a young adult/late teenager, Kizazi is shown to have become a very loving, caring brother, although he enjoys play-hunting his sister. It is aperant that Kizazi is in love with Speckles, and vice versa. More will be revealed later on in Upelelezi's Journey.

Full Adult

Coming soon!




Baby Kizazi

azi's main pelt is light brown, which he gets from his father, Kovu (his underbelly is a lighter, red-tinted color). Also from Kovu, he gets his dull green eyes and the sharp shape of his jaw, and well as the fuzz on his chin, chest, elbows and his head. Kizazi has a red Pridelander nose, as well as Pridelander claws (non-protruding claws). He has a light brown stomach, and a burnt-red tail tuft, as well as colored toes. He has noticeably thick eyebrows, dark ear-rims, brown inner-ears and freckles on his muzzle, similar to Waanzin's. Later in his cubhood, Kizazi gains a fluffy tuft of burned-red fur on the top of his head.
Kizazi young adult

Late Teen/Young Adult

As a late teenager/young adult lion, Kizazi has grown a very thick, luxurious mane, the same burned red as his tail tuft. Even though he is younger than Kumbuka by around a few weeks, his mane is still thicker (although Kumbuka's is longer). He closely resembles his grandfather, Simba, and is very muscular and strong-looking.

Full Adult

Coming soon!

Early Design

Kizazi dark coat

Kizazi's earliest design

In an earlier draft of Hyena Rules, Kizazi was much the same character (in terms of personality), and his only difference was his coat color. His colors were changed because a lion with Kovu's purplish-brown coloring and Simba's red mane would look strange.

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